South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner

Black Minority Ethnic (BME) Thematic Review

‘Equality, Diversity, Fairness and Poverty’ is a priority in the Commissioner’s Police and Crime Reduction Plan and one of the key aims under this priority is to increase the representation of Black Minority Ethnic police officers and staff in South Wales Police. The Chief Constable is fully committed to the joint delivery of the Police and Crime Plan and to the aim of addressing BME under-representation. The topic of Black Minority Ethnic recruitment, progression and retention was selected for a thematic review as it was recognised that in order to truly address this continuing challenge, it was important to consider as much data as possible and look at the wider community and employee context. South Wales Police has worked to improve the diversity of its employees for a number of years but it was considered important to examine where the force was, where it had come from and where it needed to be in order to improve.

The review has consisted of the following fact-finding methods:

  • Data collection within South Wales Police and across other forces
  • Employee focus groups with BME officers and staff and members of the South Wales Police Black Police Association
  • Commissioned Community focus groups with BME individuals
  • An engagement event with young BME people
  • A commissioned literature review of the ways in which ethnic minority under representation has been addressed elsewhere and what influences progress on recruitment, retention and progression.
  • Consideration of good practice examples of positive action in other forces
  • A meeting with ‘critical friends’ from partner agencies to discuss our current position and challenges

The thematic review process has involved a number of key partner agencies in the field of BME engagement and has received the full co-operation and support of South Wales Police departments and Chief Officers.

The overall findings highlight key issues that South Wales Police should consider taking forward for the future in order to deliver on the Commissioner and Chief Constable’s Police and Crime Reduction Plan 2017-2021 priority of increasing BME representation.

In 2015 the findings will be incorporated into a BME recruitment, retention and progression strategy.