South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner

Police Precept and Budget

The Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales, Alun Michael, has set the police budget for 2017-18 as £262,789, 079.

The police element of council tax has increased by 5% – 2.8p a day or a little under 20p a week. The total annual cost to a Band D household will be £218.24 per year for a 24 hour, seven days a week police service.

Mr Michael said: “ Setting the precept at the right level requires a great deal of careful consideration. I have to balance the need to keep our communities safe with their ability to pay. Despite this increase, what South Wales households will pay is comparatively low in Wales – we pay £31 less for policing than people in North Wales for example.”

What you pay

Precept by Council Tax Band

Band A Band B Band C Band D Band E Band F Band G Band H Band I
£145.50 £169.75 £193.99 £218.24 £266.74 £315.24 £363.74 £436.49 £509.24

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