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Commissioner responds to events at Ogmore-by-Sea

Last Updated: 26/06/2020

Responding to the events at Ogmore-by-Sea on Thursday 25th June 2020, South Wales Police & Crime Commissioner Alun Michael said:

“I was appalled by the scenes at Ogmore-by-Sea yesterday evening which were completely at odds with the responsible way in which our communities across South Wales have behaved during the Covid-19 Lockdown.

“People are still dying of Covid-19 in South Wales – it’s that serious.  And many people have made real personal sacrifices by following the very clear Welsh Government advice on how to behave to slow the spread of the virus to save lives and protect our NHS.  Those are still the clear messages.

“I have described the scenes we have witnessed across the country in recent days as “the contagion of stupidity” and our communities across South Wales deserve better than that.  What we need now is “the contagion of sanity”.

“The actions of those involved last night were irresponsible, and they were also criminal so an investigation is under way to identify who was involved and how they came to be involved.

“In the meantime I am calling on everyone who might know someone who was drawn into the madness of the crowd and tempted to travel to Ogmore to reinforce the clear strong message:   There are still people dying of Covid-19  every day of the week so we must all play our part by following the rules.

“It shouldn’t need the police to explain that message, given the limpid clarity of the messages from the First Minister Mark Drakeford.  Welsh Government, the police and all our local councils are working together to protect the public, but we cannot succeed just through bureaucracy and enforcement.  We really are all in this together and we need the support of all our partners and the public – with clear messages reinforced by parents and neighbours and the media.

“What has struck me during the response to this pandemic in South Wales is the positive way in which the police and communities have worked together during the lockdown restrictions.  There are still clear and sensible restrictions in place here in Wales and we must continue to follow them if we are going to be successful in defeating this virus.”

For the latest advice and guidance from Welsh Government in relation to Coronavirus, please visit:

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