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Tackling nuisance doorstep callers and uninvited traders

The Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales is working with partner agencies and communities in South Wales to tackle nuisance doorstep callers and uninvited traders.

There are people with genuine reason to call at your door, such as political party representatives, emergency services or NHS personnel, but we know that many people feel irritated and intimidated by uninvited traders trying to sell goods or services.

93% do not want uninvited callers

Therefore, we have produced a booklet titled ‘Your Home, your Right to say NO to Uninvited Traders and Nuisance Callers’with information on your rights as a resident, and who you can contact for further advice and support.

The booklet is accompanied by a sticker which is intended to be displayed on your front door or window to make it clear that you do not welcome unwanted doorstep callers/sellers.

We encourage all residents to display this sticker. This will not only deter uninvited nuisance doorstep callers and traders from knocking on your door, but also help support the vulnerable members of your community by making clear that your neighbourhood does not welcome these individuals and organisation.

Getting your ‘No Nuisance Callers / No Uninvited Traders’ Sticker and Booklet

The booklet and sticker will be delivered to our communities in South Wales by our neighbourhood policing teams and volunteers.

Local authorities are also supporting us to get these out to local communities by placing copies of the booklet and sticker in key locations such as local libraries, so that you can pick up your copy.

Alternatively click on the images below to download the booklet (A5) and the sticker artwork . You will then need to stick the sticker artwork to your door or window:

No Nuisance callers booklet cover        No Nuisance callers sticker

Working in partnership

The video below features the Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael, Timothy Pocknell of Trading Standards, and the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales Sarah Rochira each talking about the need for and objectives of this campaign:

This project is funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales, and developed together with a number of partner agencies. Find out more by reading our News Release for this campaign.

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