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Responding to the pandemic (Covid-19)

The Commissioner is asking communities to "adhere to hygiene advice, restrict your movement and if you have good reason to leave your home, strictly follow social distancing guidance". 

In a message to the communities of South Wales, the Commissioner said:

"We currently find ourselves in unprecedented and uncertain times with the Coronavirus threat continually changing and evolving. But it has been inspiring to see the way in which so many people have shown enormous commitment and energy in working together to tackle the spread of the virus and protect those most vulnerable within our communities" 

The Commissioner has also praised NHS staff, the police, other emergency services and local government for “showing enormous commitment and energy” in responding to the Coronavirus pandemic.  And he has welcomed the “common sense and solidarity shown by the vast majority of the public in South Wales”.

The Commissioner is asking communities to not underestimate the impact of these actions, because ignoring advice puts lives at risk. He is reminding everyone of the fact that the police have been given powers of enforcement is a message of just how serious it is and that everybody has to obey the rules that have been set down.

Please do all you can to protect yourself and your loved ones by keeping up to date with the latest advice and guidance from: Welsh Government, Public Health Wales, South Wales Police and our local authority partners.




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