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Police Accountability and Legitimacy Group (PALG)


                PALG logo including logo's for partner organisations such as Oasis, Thrive, Welsh Government, All Wales People First, Race Alliance Wales, Victim Support, Race Council Cymru, Gypsies and Travellers Wales, Barnardo's, Stop Hate UK, Learning Disability Wales, Ethnic Minorities & Youth Support Team Wales, Platform, Race Equality First, Disability Wales, Adferiad Recovery.

The Police Accountability and Legitimacy Group was established by the Commissioner's team and enables external organisations and independent advisers to act as critical friends to South Wales Police, supporting the Police & Crime Commissioner in his scrutiny role, and ensuring that South Wales Police is accountable and transparent.

PALG members, who represent a variety of organisations, assist the Commissioner in proactively promoting fair treatment and legitimate practices across the South Wales Police working environment and in dealings with the communities of South Wales. The group provides independent oversight and scrutiny of South Wales Police in respect of:

  • The use of policing powers (including stop search and use of force)
  • The accessibility and transparency of the police conduct and complaints system
  • Policy, project and practice development and implementation
  • Engagement and interaction with the public
  • Fairness at work issues
  • Encouraging diversity in the workplace
  • Progress against equality objectives set as part of the Equality Act Specific Duties.

Meetings take place on a quarterly basis and are chaired by the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Chief Executive.

Further information about the purpose and outcomes arising from PALG meetings can be found in the PALG Information Pack and the PALG Outcomes Poster. 

Agenda items and minutes from these meetings are also available below: 

2023 meetings
Topics Discussed Minutes
2022 Meetings
Topics Discussed Minutes
  • Community Relationships and Police Accountability 
  • Stop and Search
March 2022
  • Counter Terrorism ('Prevent' Programme)
  • Ukrainian Refugee Work Update 
June 2022 
  • Hate Crime
  • Counter Terrorism / Prevent Programme
September 2022
  • Facial Recognition Technology
  • Child Exploitation & Vulnerability 
December 2022
2021 Meetings
Topics Discussed Minutes
  • Community Relationships
  • Managing Unreasonable Complaint Behaviour
March 2021
  • Community Tensions and Community Cohesion
  • Online Hate Crime
June 2021 
  • Positive Action Proposals for Representative Workforce
  • Police response to Sexual Exploitation
September 2021 
2020 meetings
Topics Discussed Minutes
  • South Wales Police's response to Covid-19
June 2020
  • Automatic Facial Recognition (AFR)
  • Racial Disproportionality
September 2020
  • Joint Equality Plan Update
  • Victims Strategy 
December 2020
2019 meetings
Topics Discussed  Minutes
  • South Wales Police's approach to responding to Sex Work
March 2019
  • Hate Crime scrutiny review update
  • Overview of South Wales Police's complaints system
June 2019
  • Stalking and harassment scrutiny review update
  • Stop and Search - Use of Section 60
September 2019 
  • South Wales Police's approach to use of force
December 2019
2018 Meetings
Topics Discussed Minutes
  • Joint Equality Annual Report 
  • Disability Peer Review
March 2018
  • Police Education Qualification Framework (PEQF)  
  • Automatic Facial Recognition (AFR)
  • Stop and Search 
June 2018
  • Mental Health 
  • Stop and Search 
October 2018


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