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Contracts and Spending


The Commissioner has a duty to publish a range of information as a result of the Specified Information Order. The Order brings information about expenditure by the chief officer of police and contracts to which the chief officer is party within the scope of the requirements to publish expenditure. The following information explains how we are meeting the disclosure requirements.

Contracts and Invitations to Tender

The Commissioner has a duty to publish the details of each contract where the value is over £10,000, along with a copy of each invitation to tender issued.

The Bluelight Police Database (BLPD)  currently has a Freedom of Information facility which provides a list of current contracts for member authorities, provided the organisation maintains the database.

The Home Office currently requires that hardware and commercial ‘off the shelf’ software are purchased under the Sprint II framework. The number of bespoke contracts for IS are therefore relatively small.

Where the force purchases under a collaborative contract or framework led by another organisation, we will refer to the lead organisation which could be another police force, Government Procurement Service or other public sector organisation. For low risk contracts let under supplier’s terms and conditions, we do not propose to upload the supplier’s terms and conditions. The purchase order (which is the contract) should make reference to such terms. South Wales Police has adopted a high level of e-procurement and as a result, information relating to tenders is held within the e-tender tool known as Bravosolution and a link to the information is included in the contract document.

Advertisement of tender opportunities

South Wales Police uses several methods to publicise business opportunities, depending on the nature and value of the opportunity.:

Sell2Wales  – an initiative from the Welsh Assembly Government helping SMEs (small & medium sized enterprises) work successfully with public sector clients. Once registered, suppliers may view tender opportunities, promote their company, contact registered public sector organisations and seek advice.

Official Journal of the European Union Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) – the online version of OJEU. It gives direct access to notices of tender activity over EU thresholds

Contrax Weekly UK – provides up-to-date information on public sector tenders and contracts in the UK.

The South Wales Police website also has a reference to How to do Business with South Wales Police

Details of all contract with a value over £10,000 is available through the Blue Light Procurement Database.

Invitations to Tender

Copies of every invitation to tender for a contract expected to value over £10,000 are available through the Blue Light Procurement Database.

The Procurement Department of South Wales Police are responsible for managing all tender and contract activity for both the Commissioner and Chief Constable.

Expenditure over £500

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